Cloudstack – Impossible de supprimer un Secondary Storage

Retrieve the id of your secondary storage.

Look in template_store_ref and snapshot_store_ref if you find any reference of templates and/or snapshots on the corresponding secondary_storage, and delete them :


Deployer Openstack en quelques minutes

Idéal pour tester des plugins, avec devstack… Pour une démo on préferera une mini installation avec chaques noeuds, préférence pour la version vanilla.

Dans un répertoire de travail:

Créer un fichier local.conf

Start it !

CRS – Whitelist des faux-positifs

Your logs contains some false-positive after activation of OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS).

You want to “whitelist” a specific IP on a specific CRS ?

  1. Identify the false positive.

  1. Whiteliste the IP.

Many mails servers listening

You have just migrate from sendmail to postfix and when you try to send a mail (ex: mail -s “Why are you so serious” < /dev/null) you get the error :

That’s probably because sendmail is still alive and LISTENING (check this with a netstat command).

One-liner style :


Old fashion style :

  1. Kill the process

  1. Restart postfix